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Who is Harshmeen Kaur

My example of overcoming adversity began when I found employment elsewhere in May 2019. I was driving uber eats to help myself while attempting to construct my organization. I had not many disappointments too which lead me to see how to maintain my own business and building my relationship with entrepreneurs was the subsequent benefit.

I have the accompanying organizations: Swachh Group Limited T/A Swachh Services and Solutions, Commercial Cleaning Business, Business Pros Nz Limited, Business Coaching and setting the site for the google of business in Nz, HK Sasson Limited, Lending Assistant at Quantum Finance (To be a Mortgage Broker), Researcher, Notable Pictures for a show, Arranged Season 3 on TV3, Youtube Channel for entrepreneurs to share their story and furthermore to share my life and abilities.

Every one of my organizations were begun in 2 years and presently attempting to contact the majority to talk about and show my organizations through Youtube. Travel 3 weeks of the month and stay multi week at home. I truly endeavored to have various livelihoods so that if Lockdown happened I have various floods of pay are there.

Things that make me feel proud

I’m glad for being a free resilient lady who can do everything and still partake in each advantage of life. I have been in New Zealand throughout the previous 7 years and doing my business and talking the independent ventures who are the genuine hero of any nation like Oprah.

Harshmeen Kaur is an immigrant from India, living in New Zealand. I am an Entrepreneur, boxer, gym freak, business advisor/coach, CEO, Investor, and Youtuber. Learn more 

I arrived in New Zealand in January and I was picked up by my older sister from the airport. It was such a great feeling landing here and seeing my family, it was a definite advantage for me Learn more 

A lot has changed for me since I moved to this country and I’ve seen that a lot of women around here want to do so much but they don’t always have the opportunity or motivation to do it,” says Harshmeen. Learn more 

My goal is to encourage like-minded business owners to grow to their potential. About me: I am an Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Inspirer, Motivator, and a New Zealand Vlogger. Join us & listen to our interviews chatting with real-life business heroes. Learn more

Your Dream. Our Mission.

I Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

A lot of people failed at what you accomplished, simply because they were busy finding problems while you were busy finding solutions. Even the smallest of jobs well done will take you one step closer towards the success that you have always dreamed about

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