Confidence is key in business

I am running a business and meeting people, but I can’t do a video on social media. Hey, I am trying to sell my products online, but I don’t know why I cant still make sales.
That’s everyone’s story at the moment, and some people are still living in the old times, but we have forgotten that time has changed. We live in a Digital World.
It’s necessary to have an online presence for your business through different mediums like website, SEO, and Social Media. To achieve that, you have to be present online with Confidence.
I came to New Zealand from India 8 years ago, and nobody believed in me except me. I have been through hard and good times; the only thing keeping me going was my Confidence and self-belief that I was meant to be different and do different things.
I have a few businesses, YouTube Channel, my podcast, worked with TV3, run a business in the United States, and have been nominated for the Stellar Business Award. The only thing that was always with me was my Confidence.
I request every New Zealand business owner to work with me to create a new way of marketing your business with YouTube Interviews and podcasts to help you succeed. The most important thing we need from you is your confidence in yourself and your business.
Let’s change the way we do business in New Zealand and reach out to the team of 7 billion.

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